Transcribe 60X faster than AssemblyAI in 10x as many languages.

When speed and flexibility matter, Deepgram wins.



Deepgram is insanely fast without the caveats

Features and Capabilities
Assembly AI
Batch processing (1hr of audio)
20 seconds
1800 seconds
Streaming processing lag
<300 ms
4 seconds
Channel capacity
Up to 4
Only one
Real-time streaming
One channel
Languages offered
10 (incl. Spanish & Hindi)
1 (English)
Deep Search (audio)
Not included
Diarization (separate per speaker)
Up to 4 channels
One channel

Why switch to Deepgram?

Deepgram customers come from a variety of innovative industries where superfast and accurate STT is a must-have.
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Conversational AI



Sales Enablement

Contact Centers


So, when is AssemblyAI the right choice?

There are times when AssemblyAI might be the better choice for your needs. For example, if your customers are only English speakers or real-time processing with minimal lag just isn’t a priority. Deepgram excels at use cases that involve multiple speakers and languages or complex audio. But you don’t have to take our word for it, give us a try with $150 in free credits.

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“Deepgram is doing for speech what SpaceX did for space travel. With SpaceX creating an arms race to the moon, Deepgram is creating an arms race to voice-enabled experiences.”


— Todd Fisher, CEO, CallTrackingMetrics

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