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Deepgram is a Founding Member of CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS)

BY Keith Lam  | May 27 2021

Deepgram is proud to be a founding member of CallMiner’s Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS). This standard programming framework enables CallMiner’s customers to choose the best speech recognition provider for their use cases. The OVTS API allows an easier integration to any automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution to the CallMiner Eureka platform.

The flexibility of this new standard provides organizations more options for ASR providers depending on use cases.  Businesses are not locked into an ASR provider that is good for simple transcription summaries of phone calls but is poor at real-time transcriptions for call analytics and alerts.  Now, they can use one ASR provider for phone call summaries and use a faster ASR provider for real-time call analytics and alerts.

Best of Breed for Your Use Case

This new standard follows the overall business trend away from the all-in-one platform solution to a flexible best-of-breed solution that can be tailored specifically to your business and use cases.  These API-based best-of-breed solutions allow your organization to control your innovation roadmap.  You are no longer beholden to another company’s innovation timeline, budget, or resources.  You can now choose to upgrade or replace specific solutions on your timeline for new use case needs or to enter new markets.

Real-time Speed and Domain-Specific Accuracy

For CallMiner’s customers, they can now easily implement Deepgram’s End to End AI Speech Platform with Eureka to get < 300-millisecond transcriptions for true real-time conversational analytics.  They can take advantage of Deepgram’s custom speech models to train a vertical, domain, and/or use the case-specific model that can reach 90%+ accuracy.  Deepgram’s custom models are especially useful for keywords, terminology, jargon, and product or company names that are most important for conversational insights.  Finally, they can lower their overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our lower ASR cost and computing resource efficiency. With Deepgram, you don’t need to compromise speed, accuracy, costs, or scalability.

Consider Deepgram for your real-time ASR.

Finally, a reason to get excited about voice recognition.

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