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How Can Companies Extract More Value Out of Voice?

There is a good reason why voice communication is the “gold standard” for interacting with customers.

When we communicate with others, we try to understand what is being said by paying attention to three particular areas: the hands, face and voice. Each of these systems were co-opted by evolution for highly complex, fine-grained communication. In fact, these three take up more processing space in the brain than any other part of the body. The vocal organs, mouth, tongue, pharynx, seem to take the lion’s share.

How businesses can take advantage of this

Businesses that understand that the voice channel is incredibly information-rich finally have ways of extracting as much data from it as possible. While call notes and agent meetings represent two classic approaches to pulling valuable data from phone call data, automatic speech recognition presents a far more powerful and the most scalable approach.

New forms of speech recognition built on A.I. technology allow data science teams to surface insights from call data by producing highly accurate transcripts of call data, extracting key information like sentiment, and predicting call scores. This brings a veritable information revolution to companies. Teams at every level of the company have insight into what is happening in their calls as well as how best to resolve issues. Speech recognition, served up through easy-to-use APIs, are a way of listening directly to the customers at scale.

With these insights, call center managers can train representatives faster, approach compliance proactively and make team-decisions with their customers’ needs in mind.

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