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What is the Most Important Channel to Engage Your Customers On?

At the Talkdesk Opentalk 2018 Conference, Deepgram had the opportunity to talk to leaders about customer care.

The 2018 Talkdesk Opentalk conference made patent one fact: A.I. will revolutionize customer service.

We at Deepgram were curious to get the pulse on what people thought of voice, CX and A.I. We interviewed fellow attendees and speakers at the 2018 Opentalk conference and discovered a few things.

  1. A.I. is series of technologies that will help surface cohesive insights in a multichannel world.
  2. Customer-centric companies know how to strategically use their voice data to understand their customers better.
  3. Voice is most powerful and information channel.
  4. A.I. technologies will transform voice, allowing teams to get more from the voice data they already have.

To hear more about cutting-edge industry trends, check out some more footage from the conference.

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