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Notes on Migrating from Soylent to Baby Food


I recently sought out a PCP (primary care physician) in the Bay Area because I didn’t feel very good. I was tired and weak, my lips were chapped, my wellness was down.

I registered with an on-demand doctor startup and a few hours later my newly-assigned PCP ubered to my workplace carrying bags of medical equipment. He gave me a checkup in our office on the second floor, where he discovered our corporate stash of soylent products.

employee benefits
employee benefits!

“You need to eat real food”

Although it has been acknowledged that soylent can make you puke, my PCP told me that his real beef with ‘lent was more about what it lacked: nutrients and solidity. The nutrients part made sense, and his argument that liquid = bad was that “sugar water rots your teeth”. This is a long-term risk.

I’ve since laid off soylent and my wellness is back up. I am one data point. I’ve relapsed only once (coffiest is so damn good). I might return to the soylent side of life but right now I’ve got a hot new food obsession.

My new quick chow of choice is baby food. It’s safe to eat (unlike dogfood) and tastes pretty good. You may be imagining grody cans of pale flavorless spinach mush with metallic tang. I agree that nobody should have to eat that. I’m a snob – I eat baby food only from bags or pouches. I am constantly discovering vibrant and exciting (and organic) new flavors (this morning I had a Blueberry Banana Flax) and it reminded me of a smoothie I bought once that cost $8.

I eat only baby food from bags

I love this treasure trove of creative adult use cases for baby food pouches including popsicle form:
baby food as popsicle
and muffins:
baby food muffin prepare
baby food muffin complete

(muffin & popsicle images: Sarah Rae Trover)

I can only assume my new diet is healthier because:

  1. baby food contains nutrients
  2. My wellness is high

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the opinion of my PCP. This was his goodbye:

farewell doctor

I can only speculate how they lost control of the startup. I hope we don’t suffer the same fate with Deepgram. Doctor, if you’re reading this, how did your company get taken over? What do you think of my new diet?

Also please let me know if you’re still my PCP.

Pouches up!

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