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Deepgram Changelog

Stay up to date with enhancements to our AI Speech Platform and ecosystem

New version of self-hosted Speech Engine for On-Prem Customers

Deepgram released a new version of the self-hosted Speech Engine. Current on-prem customers may pull this version from Docker Hub as deepgram/onprem-engine:3.13.2 or deepgram/onprem-engine:latest. Improvements include: Resolution of CVE-2021-3185 in a supporting library Reliability improvements for real-time…

Keyword Boosting Effect

On February 17, we released our improved keyword boosting feature which can be used to boost or suppress recognition of certain keywords. We have determined that some words that are unfamiliar to the speech model…

Improved Error Messages for Realtime Streaming

Deepgram has released a change to how we report errors during Realtime Streaming. Now, we will return a WebSocket Close frame and the body of the Close frame will indicate the reason for closing using…

General Release Opting-In

General Release Opting In Deepgram regularly releases new Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models and other enterprise features. These releases are planned on a monthly basis with releases occurring throughout the month. Opting In Because new…

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