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Deepgram Changelog

Stay up to date with enhancements to our AI Speech Platform and ecosystem

Improved Error Messages for Realtime Streaming

Deepgram has released a change to how we report errors during Realtime Streaming. Now, we will return a WebSocket Close frame and the body of the Close frame will indicate the reason for closing using…

Upgraded On-Prem API

Deepgram has released a new version of our on-prem API that includes our latest enhanced keywords support, improved post-processing options, and under-the-hood performance improvements. To deploy this version, please pull deepgram/onprem-api:1.34.1 , add the attached snippet…

Improved Keyword Boosting

keywords={keyword} We are releasing an updated keyword boosting feature (keywords={keyword}) with improved support for out of vocabulary words. Keywords can be boosted or suppressed with this feature.  Note, that this is not a persistent feature…

General Release Opting-In

General Release Opting In Deepgram regularly releases new Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models and other enterprise features. These releases are planned on a monthly basis with releases occurring throughout the month. Opting In Because new…

Improved Punctuation

punctuate=true We’ve recently adopted a new approach for how our ASR models predict punctuated outputs. Previously, this was handled as part of a post-processing step. Now, utilizing our newly developed and novel model architecture, we…

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