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Deepgram On-premises Release 230120

BY Evan Henry  | January 20 2023

Deepgram released a new version of its on-premises solution.

On-Premises Release 230120: Docker Hub Images

  • deepgram/onprem-api:1.78.0
  • deepgram/onprem-engine:3.39.2
  • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:1.2.5
  • deepgram/onprem-billing:1.5.2
  • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:2.0.2


  • Improvements to capitalization and punctuation output with the request parameter punctuate=true.
  • Improved NLU usage reporting.
  • The /status endpoint now returns an HTTP 204 code instead of HTTP 200.
  • Several improvements to streaming:
    • Now returns model_info in streaming responses.
    • Resolves an issue which causes streaming usage to be incorrectly reported.
    • Resolves an issue when making a streaming request which might cause the incorrect model tier to be used.
    • Resolves an issue with streaming web socket callbacks which might cause the connection to be prematurely terminated.
  • Resolves an issue with support for audio data that uses the the A-law algorithm.
  • Resolves several CVEs for the following images:
    • deepgram/onprem-api
    • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy
    • deepgram/onprem-billing
    • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server
  • Other minor stability and performance improvements.