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New version of self-hosted Speech Engine for On-Prem Customers

BY Natalie Rutgers  | May 05 2021

Deepgram released a new version of the self-hosted Speech Engine. Current on-prem customers may pull this version from Docker Hub as deepgram/onprem-engine:3.13.2 or deepgram/onprem-engine:latest. Improvements include:
  • Resolution of CVE-2021-3185 in a supporting library
  • Reliability improvements for real-time streaming
  • Improved logging for debugging
  • Better coordination of GPU and CPU resources in environments with multiple physical CPUs.

We’re excited to release this new functionality and will be happy to support you in your deployment!

Deepgram support,, is always available to help walk customers through new feature purpose and configuration, as well as resolve any issues that arise when upgrading.

Read more about Deepgram’s On-Prem Support in the Deepgram Documentation.

Finally, a reason to get excited about voice recognition.

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