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Updated General Model (English US)

BY Natalie Rutgers  | May 05 2021



new version=2021-05-19.0

previous version=2021-03-17.0

We have done additional training to our main General Model for US English to improve accuracy and expand the model vocabulary.  We’ve also incorporated our latest improvements to punctuation (punctuate=true).

The general model is Deepgram’s default model selection, but can also be called by passing model=general as an API parameter in your request. If you do not wish to use the latest version, be sure to specify the desired version as version={desired_version}.

Previous versions include:

  • 2021-03-17.0
  • 2021-02-10.0
  • 2020-11-24.0


Learn about opting in to General Releases. To get early access to updated base models, use model={desired_model}&version=beta.

Read more about selecting models and versions in the Deepgram Documentation.

Deepgram support,, is always available to help walk customers through new feature purpose and configuration, as well as resolve any issues that arise when upgrading.

Finally, a reason to get excited about voice recognition.

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