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Deepgram @ Voice Tech Summit India

ASR for the best global customer experience

Speech-to-text that supports 22 languages and dialects, including Hindi, for all industries and use cases including contact centers, retail and eCommerce, BPOs and BFSI. Deepgram powers truly conversational AI applications for the best customer experience, globally.

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ASR Innovation Comes from End-to-End Deep Learning and Transfer Learning

End-to-end deep learning (E2EDL) is the only technology to create a best in class speech-to-text (STT) solution. This approach is hugely flexible and easier to optimize than traditional STT. You do not need to reconnect and optimize multiple models (acoustic, pronunciation, and language) every time you want to make a change. And the speech model could be retrained and enhanced without starting from scratch. Then using transfer learning, new speech or language models can be developed faster than ever before.  Customized use case speech models can be created in weeks instead of months.

In this presentation, we will cover:

  • The End-to-End Deep Learning Approach to Speech-to-Text
  • Stepwise production results achievable with this technology
  • How Transfer Learning allows quick new language development.

Live (virtually) on:
March 25th at 4:55PM IST | 4:25am PDT | 11:25AM GMT

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“Deepgram is doing for speech what SpaceX did for space travel. With SpaceX creating an arms race to the moon, Deepgram is creating an arms race to voice-enabled experiences.”


— Todd Fisher, CEO, CallTrackingMetrics

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