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Deepgram Summit:
What’s Next in Voice

Catch up on all of the sessions from our first-ever Deepgram Summit. Tune in to get insights into the future of AI, voice technology, and more!

On-Demand Sessions

Opening Keynote: The Resurgence of Voice Technology

In this opening keynote, Deepgram CEO and co-founder Scott Stephenson kicks off the Deepgram Summit—breaking down the resurgence of voice technology with recent innovations and what lies ahead.

Voice is the Next Interface for All Companies

During this panel moderated by Dan Miller at Opus Research, Shadi Baqleh, COO at Deepgram, Craig Akal, Founder at Elerian ai, Ted McKenna, SVP of Research & Innovation at Tethr, Pete Ellis, CPO at Red Box and Venky B., CEO & Co-Founder at Plivo will discuss the untapped potential hidden within voice data and how to successfully implement voice interfaces moving forward.

Fireside Chat: Using Voice at NASA And Beyond

In this fireside chat, we sat down with Clinton May, Federal Strategist at Deepgram to discuss the various ways NASA uses voice technology within the organization, especially as it relates to these critical space missions. 

Future of AI and Voice Technology

In this panel discussion with Terry Chen, VP of Audio at and Joe Wilson, Head of Product at Volley, from the Deepgram Startup Program, and Zachary DeWitt from Wing Venture Capital will discuss the importance of voice and the steps they are taking to improve voice for the enterprise. Moderated by VC/Startups Correspondent at Business Insider, April Joyner.

The Definitive Guide to Speech Recognition

Get our comprehensive guide to speech recognition. Dive into architectural differences, key metrics to consider, and how companies are innovating with ASR.

eBook: The Rise of Human-to-Machine Interface

What’s next for Speech Recognition? Download this e-book to discover why voice will be the future human-to-machine interface.

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