CASE STUDY uses Deepgram’s Speech-to-Text (STT) API to Optimize Sales Pitch Performance chose Deepgram as their embedded STT provider due to consistency, speed, scalability, and overall accuracy.

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How Nytro.AI Benefits from Deepgram

Consistent 8-10% WER
Consistently fast response times
Recognizes multiple accents
Option to build custom models as new customer needs arise has designed an AI-Powered Pitch Intelligence platform for sales onboarding, everboarding, and ongoing readiness that integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems (LMS). The platform provides data plus insights on which reps are qualified to pitch and which need more targeted training. uses strategies proven to get reps up to speed faster and retain more of what they’ve learned.
IndustrySales Onboarding and Readiness Vertical
Business NeedsReliable, Consistent, Scalable STT engine with the lowest possible WER, and fastest response times.
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The Landscape

Pitch Intelligence is a Very Differentiated Solution in the Rapidly Evolving Sales Onboarding and Readiness Vertical

Digital Learning Management Systems have many advantages over on-site training programs. They tend to be more flexible in their pacing, they are customizable per individual, they reduce costs and time investments for management, and they can provide regular assessments of a rep’s progress. But the traditional LMS solutions fall short in a few key areas.

First of all, while quizzes and surveys can show what reps have memorized, they cannot give a manager insight into how the lessons from training are being applied during actual sales conversations. Second, they do not include experiential learning, or learning by doing. Research tells us that we retain a bare 5% of the information when we listen to a lecture. Even with audio-visual methods and live demonstrations, retention never rises beyond 30%.

However, an impressive 75% of knowledge is retained when we learn by doing. This vast difference is because active participation increases the level of reflection and cognitive processing undertaken by the learner.’s Pitch Intelligence platform augments passive training methods with real-world pitch practice scenarios across a variety of different use cases and personas. Then, the algorithm assesses, gives feedback, and quickly identifies which reps are ready to engage with prospects and which need more training. The platform gets reps ready to pitch to real clients faster than traditional methods, and without risking loss of potential business to inexperienced reps forced to learn on the job.

The Challenge’s Pitch Intelligence platform requires accurate transcription at real-time speeds to be effective.

There are three components of a practice pitch which the algorithm needs to assess to track progress and give feedback: first there is the visual data, body language, facial expression, etc. Then there are vocal qualities, such as tone of voice, pace of speech, diction and clarity. Finally, there is the text of the pitch; the most critical element. In order to determine how things are being said, first the AI needs to understand what is being said. This means that any Pitch Intelligence solution has to incorporate incredibly accurate STT. If the STT’s transcript is off even by a little bit, the subsequent downstream models’ analyses will be thrown off by a massive factor, and ultimately the algorithm won’t be able to give accurate feedback. Chief Product Officer, Ravish Kamath, says, “At the end of the day, our product is only going to be perceived as good as the quality of our transcriptions.”

The Solution

Deepgram’s Scalable, Reliable, Accurate STT allows the Deep Analysis Nytro AI Can Do with Pitch Intelligence

After testing many STT solutions, from several open source offerings, Deepgram proved the only STT provider that could offer what needed to build its Pitch Intelligence platform. Where other STT solutions fell between 75% and 80% accuracy, Deepgram’s accuracy is consistently 90% to 92%. And while other solutions could occasionally achieve a WER that was sufficient for’s purposes, they simply weren’t scalable, and their transcription speed was inconsistent. Deepgram’s reliable, consistent, quality STT has enabled to focus on their downstream models for analyzing and providing quick insights to their customers. Ravish noted, “Deepgram is a core part of our offering, and it will remain so. We have found more than a STT solution but a partner in Deepgram to help us innovate and improve upon our offering.”

Deepgram is a core part of our offering, and it will remain so. We have found more than a STT solution but a partner in Deepgram to help us innovate and improve upon our offering.

The Results

Salespeople Who Really Are Ready

With Deepgram embedded in’s Pitch Intelligence platform they have been able to create a truly viable Sales Onboarding and Readiness solution, with all the benefits of traditional LMS offerings, but without the drawbacks of poor retention and no real test of a true sales pitch. says their customers are already seeing a reduction in the time it takes to get sales reps trained and an improved performance in reps after training. Add to the fact that Pitch Intelligence provides reps opportunities for experiential learning without risking actual clients, is poised to revolutionize the Sales Onboarding and Readiness vertical that our remote workforce has been waiting for.

Looking Ahead

With Tailored Models On The Horizon,

The World Is’s Oyster

Having already seen such extraordinary success with Deepgram’s general speech model as part of its core offering, is ready to begin exploring the possibilities of building tailored domain specific speech models with Deepgram. “We know there is an order of magnitude improvement we could see if we were to incorporate tailored models,” says Ravish Kamath. He says domain specific models could add another five to ten points to the quality of’s performance. Not only can Deepgram help meet their customer’s needs with vertical specific models, but it can also help them branch out in the global market by providing tailored models in multiple languages. is already exploring integrating Portugese and Spanish models. Beyond that, they are looking toward bringing in the necessary languages for the Asian markets.

Ravish is excited by all the possibilities and relieved, after a lot of searching, to find a Goldilocks STT solution that fits’s needs just right.

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