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Azure making you blue?

Move to Deepgram, where great speech-to-text is only business.

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deepgram vs microsoft azure stt


All the features. Better performance. Lower cost.

Features and Capabilities
Microsoft Azure STT
Batch processing (1hr of audio)
3 seconds
1443 seconds
Streaming processing lag
<300 ms
General Word Error Rate (Average)
Trained Word Error Rate (Lowest)
Deep Search (audio)
Diarization (separate per speaker)
Up to 10
Up to 2
Audio streams processed per CPU/GPU
450 per GPU
1 per CPU
Tailored Speech Model
separate acoustic and language model training
Noise Reduction
Custom Vocabulary (keyword boosting)
Profanity Filter
Numeral Formatting
Language Detection

Faster Transcriptions

Stop sampling your audio because transcriptions are too slow.

With our End-to-End Deep Learning Neural Network, transcribe 1000 hours of audio in 8 hours vs. 400 hours for Azure – without sacrificing accuracy for speed.

Higher Accuracy

Higher accuracy than Azure out of the box.

Our real-world tests with customers show that our base models beat Azure out of the box, but we don’t stop there. Customize our base models to create over 90%+ accuracy on your specific audio within weeks.

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Lower Cost

Built for lower TCO

One of the many advantages of an End-to-End Deep Learning Neural Network is upgrading from slow, resource-hungry legacy speech models. Instead of single streaming on CPUs, we can multi-stream on GPUs. We’re talking 300 streams vs. Microsoft’s one. Simply put: we’re built to be cheaper so you can go big.

sitting on stacks of money

So when is Microsoft the right choice?

In the spirit of fairness, we want to say that there are times when Microsoft Azure is going to be the better choice for your needs.  If their accuracy is good enough and you don’t need faster transcription speeds then it may not be the right time to switch. Or if your company mandates you to use all Microsoft services then now may not be the time.  We will be ready when you are and continually improve our speech-to-text solution because speech technology is our expertise.

“Deepgram is doing for speech what SpaceX did for space travel. With SpaceX creating an arms race to the moon, Deepgram is creating an arms race to voice-enabled experiences.”

— Todd Fisher, CEO, CallTrackingMetrics

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