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Hell Yes, We Have SDKs, APIs, and Docs

We are excited to introduce Phase One of our Developer-First initiative to help voice technology developers implement our revolutionary End-to-End AI Speech Platform more easily. Issues With Legacy Speech Recognition Voice has been one of…

Deepgram Enables Developers To Build The Future Of Voice With Suite Of New Features And $10 Million In Free Speech Recognition

ASR leader launches developer tools, free speech recognition, enabling developers to put voice at the heart of their business SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 3, 2021— Deepgram, the leading automatic speech recognition (ASR) provider, today announced…

Build With the Official Deepgram SDKs

We love empowering our developer communities to take full advantage of voice in their applications. So, we’re announcing two new official SDKs for Node.js and Python. Both of these SDKs make it easier than ever…

Voicebots Will Enhance Your Life (Not Destroy It)

We have been lucky to have two interesting and informative panel discussions on the evolution, current state, and future predictions of Conversational AI voicebots.  What makes a Great Conversational AI Experience Evolution of Voicebots: From…

Updates to our Speech Recognition API

Deepgram has released an update to our Speech Recognition API. Improvements affect the following areas: Keyword Boosting for Pre-Recorded Transcription We have increased the accuracy of out-of-vocabulary (OOV) keyword boosting by reducing false positives when…

Real-time routing of conversational data is table stakes for enterprises

With voice data increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, timely access to real-time high-quality audio and transcripts for AI engines to reason over is critical.  In fact, the advanced capabilities of…

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