AI Speech Models Yield Better Outcomes

Previous generations of automatic speech recognition models “Frankenstein” multiple frameworks together that are inefficient to optimize and customize for your needs. Only AI — specifically End-to-End Deep Learning (E2EDL) enabled speech models — can quickly improve accuracy and be customized for your use case.

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Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

The proprietary architecture of our end-to-end deep learning speech models allows Deepgram to provide high accuracy, fast speed, and maximum scalability at an affordable cost.

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Get actually usable transcripts at top accuracy levels


120X Faster

Process 1 hour of audio in 30 seconds or less


Optimized Throughput

Process thousands of real-time calls concurrently


Half the Cost

Actually pay less for more accuracy and greater speed

Models to Fit Your Business

Our out-of-the-box models provide better accuracy than alternatives and can scale without a sweat. If your use case requires even higher accuracy especially for uncommon words, you can leverage an enhanced model tier. Transcribing unique words or phrases? We can train a model to learn your language, accents, dialects, terminology, in a matter of weeks to get you to your business goal.

What is a Speech Model?

Deepgram’s AI speech models are deep neural networks built upon a proprietary architecture to maximize accuracy, speed, scalability, and efficiency. Combine a language and use case type to create a base model that’s more accurate than big tech’s “enhanced” models right out of the box.

E2EDL Advantage

Deepgram is constantly improving our model architectures and training techniques to ensure you get maximum accuracy and efficiency. We do this by continually labeling data and performing model training on our End-to-End Deep Learning Neural Network. The result? A model endpoint that you can deploy on-prem or in the cloud quickly and reliably at scale.

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