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Not All Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Solutions Are the Same

End-to-End Deep Learning is the difference between using voice data as a basic operational need and being able to use it as an actual growth strategy.

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Why is End to End Deep Learning better?

2-3 Second Lag, Isn't Really Real-Time
2-3 Second Lag, Isn’t Really Real-Time

We think real-time is not measured in minutes or hours but in milliseconds. Open up real-time sales and support enablement with only a 300-millisecond transcription lag.

“Selected” Calls? How about ALL Calls.

Legacy ASR costs and computing resources limit a company’s voice transcriptions to selected calls. Our AI Speech Platform can transcribe 100% of your voice data at much lower costs to reduce compliance issues and improve employee coaching.

Custom Training = Better Data Insights
Custom Training = Better Data Insights

Better insights come from more accurate data. With our AI Speech Platform, you can optimize and train your speech models to get 90%+ accuracy at real-time speed for better insights and faster decisions.

Deployment: Cloud, On-Prem, or VPC

Our standard deployment is within our cloud, but for more sensitive voice and transcription data, we also offer an on-premises installation or a private cloud installation, where you can control the entire environment. Deepgram is Kubernetes-ready with Docker images, and has pre-built VM images to enable rapid deployment to most cloud providers. Train models and deploy anywhere – on premises or in the cloud.


Accurate transcriptions up to 90%+ accuracy with trained models.

Real-time streaming (300-millisecond latency)

Keep the conversation flowing. Transcribe phone and meeting conversations as they happen.

Batch transcription (120x speedup)

Transcribe the backlog of audio files at 120X normal audio speed; i.e. transcribe one hour of audio in 30 seconds. 


Accurately identify and transcribe audio across multiple languages, accents and dialects.

Punctuation and Capitalization

Use punctuation in your transcripts to make them easier for humans, and machines to read.

Audio Timestamps

Each word includes an associated timestamp. Drill into audio snippets with specific start and end times.


Identify up to 10 different speakers at one time. Don’t worry we won’t charge you multiple times.


Each word and entire transcript is rated on confidence that the word or transcript is correct.

Deep search by phonetics

Accurately identify top terms or phrases in your audio with acoustic pattern matching, instead of text search.

REST API integration

Connect to any audio data source and deliver accurate transcripts to the user-facing system of your choice with our integrations.

Keyword boosting

Boost industry terms, unique product names, and company names to increase transcription confidence.


Automatically redact sensitive data such as private health information or credit card information from transcripts.

Profanity filtering

Filter any profanity words from transcripts.

Multi-channel support

Reliably identify speaker changes across single and multi-channel audio.

Multi-audio types

Support over 40 different audio formats including WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC. No need to create different jobs for different file extensions.


Each model is tuned to the audio you care about. This is done through state-of-the- art data labeling and model training.

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