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Calling All Voice Technology Creators

Meet the fastest, most accurate, most reliable, most scalable speech to text API — rebuilt for developers.

Not All Speech to Text APIs Are the Same

Behind our easy to use API is a deep neural network that converts audio to text accurately and reliably, at insane speed and scale. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

Insanely Fast
Insanely Fast

Transcribe a backlog of pre-recorded audio files at 120X normal audio speed; i.e. transcribe one hour of audio in 30 seconds.

10 Minutes to
10 Minutes to “Hello World.”

Copy the code and get your first transcript in 10 minutes or less, including signing up for your free API key.

Super-duper Reliable
Super-duper Reliable

Transcriptions up to 90%+ accuracy with trained models and no compromise of speed.

Meet the Innovators Who Rely on Deepgram

I’m really impressed by the API’s ease of use and the speed of the transcription. I’ve been looking for a product to do mass-transcription of some podcasts for a while, and this is the first one I’ve found that is actually useful.

Chris Finke, Senior Engineer at Union Pacific Railroad

Deepgram is insanely easy to use. I was extremely impressed with the simplicity of the system. No unnecessary options which allowed us to implement our integration in 1 day.”

Lead Engineer, Spot Meetings

This is really our first use case with Deepgram. It’s definitely been the best out of the box transcription accuracy I’ve seen and I’ve had to utilise a number of other solutions when working with our clients. Also, it’s been great working with the team and we’re looking forward to a long term partnership with DG.”

James Iansek, Co-founder/COO, Operative Intelligence

While Deepgram offers a technically excellent product, that’s not the only reason we ultimately chose them over their competitors. We liked working with their team. The team is extremely knowledgeable about the product and their customer service is unmatched. Other providers in the space offer nothing similar.”

Software Engineer, Podsights

Incredible customer support really sets them apart from any of the others. Direct access to engineers who know the product extremely well.”

Ryan Stomel, CEO, Call Criteria

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How it Works

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Select Audio Source


Select SDK
Select SDK


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Get Response



Change model
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Quickly Get Started

Sign up to immediately get an API key and start on the Missions to learn and fully utilize the Deepram API.

Get Your First Transcript in 10 Minutes or Less

SDKs and code snippets allow you to immediately integrate and test your application in minutes.

Easily Collaborate With Team Members

Invite your teammates to specific Projects. All usage can roll up to a single project, or separate ones. You have the power to manage billing across separate project.

Quickly Get Your Voice App to Production

Deepgram believes providing an API is not enough so we have SDKs and real, human support to assist in building your voice app.

Get Started at No Cost With $150 Credit

That’s 150 hours of real-time streaming or 200 hours of pre-recorded credit with all major features available to use.

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Great Now.
Even Better With Training.

Deepgram has a library of highly accurate speech recognition models to unlock your audio data. Choose from a phone call, meeting or a general model to get started. Then increase accuracy with a speech model tailored to your use case.

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Won’t Hold You Back

Deepgram is Kubernetes-ready with Docker images, and has pre-built VM images to enable rapid deployment to most cloud providers. Build voice-enabled applications and deploy your transcription API anywhere – on premises or in the cloud.

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Receive up to $100,000 to use over 12 months.

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