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Your voice experience depends on the accuracy of your speech-to-text. Choose the ONLY software that meets the needs of NASA for out-of-this-world CX.

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Compare Deepgram to Amazon Transcribe

deepgram in space
NASA tried numerous STT vendors

Unparalleled Accuracy

No other software transcribes conversational audio like Deepgram

AWS Transcribe is fine for short call-and-response audio with smart speakers, but longer audio is simply more challenging. Of all the vendors NASA tried – including DIY open source – only Deepgram achieved their minimum 80% WRR requirement on audio containing:

Background Noise
Low Bandwidth

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Beyond accuracy

Faster, more flexible, less expensive space-to-ground communication with the ISS

Higher accuracy isn’t the only reason innovators are switching from AWS Transcribe to Deepgram.

It takes 15 Minutes for AWS to return 1 hour of audio vs. 30 seconds per hour with Deepgram.

AWS is literally 2X the cost of Deepgram. That adds up with conversational audio.

You need to pay extra to be on the AWS ecosystem.

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ISS station uses Deepgram for speech-to-text

Meet innovators who’ve made the switch.

Most other speech to text vendors’ [Amazon, Google] word error rates (WER) fell consistently between 75% and 80%, whereas Deepgram’s WER is consistently 90% to 92% for us.”

Ravish Kamath, CPO,

Deepgram is doing for speech what SpaceX did for space travel. With SpaceX creating an arms race to the moon, Deepgram is creating an arms race to voice-enabled experiences.”

Todd Fisher, CTO, CallTrackingMetrics

We initially considered using a speech solution from a legacy, Big Tech company and realized that we would need to pay eight times the price for it, without getting a solution that was eight times better.”

Adam Settle, CTO, Sharpen

While Deepgram offers a technically excellent product, that’s not the only reason we ultimately chose them over their competitors. We liked working with their team. The team is extremely knowledgeable about the product and their customer service is unmatched. Other providers in the space offer nothing similar.”

Software Engineer, Podsights

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If you are ready to learn more about how Deepgram can help you:

  • Cut cost in half
  • Improve WER by 10-20%
  • Improve your customer experience

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Compare Deepgram to Amazon Transcribe