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It’s not a pipe dream but a new reality. Upwards of 90% accuracy and 300-millisecond transcription speed for many use cases. With our Speech-to-Text API for contact centers, never miss an insight, selling opportunity, or coaching moment.

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Real-Time Enablement

Real-time call center transcriptions are only useful if they are highly accurate and can help your agents sell better or resolve issues faster. What if you could link rolling transcriptions to your knowledge base to provide the agent with resolution tips, selling options, or add-on products and services advice? That would be real-time business-changing enablement that can be used in addition to post-call analysis.

Accuracy in Context

For your contact center transcriptions, garbage in is garbage out. So why settle for <80% accuracy with hard-to-understand call transcripts? Our Speech Models identify your specific use case including terminology, product terms, acronyms, and accents. Now you can accurately search your voice data for missed buying signals, poor customer service, or non-regulatory compliance.

Speed Without Sacrifice

What if you could transcribe mountains of call recordings for better insights into your product, services, and support? Deepgram can transcribe one hour of audio in 30 seconds and maintain the highest level of accuracy. Transcribe and analyze a whole day of call data within that same day.  How is that for fast?

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Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.

Adam Settle

Adam Settle

VP of Product, Sharpen

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