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Deploy the world’s most accurate speech recognition models at scale while continuously improving model performance with state-of-the-art training and data labeling.

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Ditch the grunt work. Start making things happen.

You didn’t get into this to spend your days on the mind-numbing task of transcribing, labeling, and prepping audio files looking for a diamond-in-the-rough insight. With Deepgram, you can ditch the grunt work and create models ON TOP of accurate transcripts. Go ahead, start building new models that knock their data-loving socks off

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Maximum Accuracy at All Times

We’ve rebuilt ASR with end-to-end deep learning, powered by NVIDIA GPUs. Our approach allows us to deliver 70% accuracy out of the box, and reach over 95% accuracy with state-of-the-art AI model training. Use models trained specifically for your audio needs and start delivering ground breaking insights.

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Experiment to your heart’s content.

Getting to the optimal WER or WRR for your use case isn’t easy. Leverage our base models for training, or contact us for an Expert trained solution that you can deploy in batch, real-time, on premises or in the cloud.

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Create a rock-solid foundation for analytics.

Finally, parsable speech data that you can reliably use for analysis. With our easy to use API, developers or data scientists can add transcription features for usability such as punctuation, diarization, and sentiment analysis.

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Deep Learning Patents


of Models Running Simultaneously

+1 Trillion

Words Processed and Growing

Deepgram engines have outperformed any of the others that we have tried or looked into. Our accuracy levels are greater than 90% on virtually everything that we do.”

Dennis Evanson

Compliance and QA
Randall Reilly


Increased audit-confirmed results to levels exceeding 95% accuracy.

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Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.”

Adam Settle

VP of Product


Captured 100% of our call center audio.

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There could be hundreds of issues a customer is calling in about. Add to this complexity there is a distribution of words, specific to each of our customer’s brands. We couldn’t get these words right using Google, Amazon or Speechmatics, and are thrilled to finally reach our accuracy goal with Deepgram.”

Arjun Maheswaran


In a head to head test, Deepgram model training yielded a lower WER.

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Deepgram is doing groundbreaking work in the speech analytics field, and we are delighted to be working closely with them. Their world class GPU-accelerated speech recognition enables faster, more accurate natural language processing that will make an important impact on a range of industries.”

Jeff Herbst

VP of Business Development


Powered by the NVIDIA GPU architecture and 11 Deep Learning patents, Deepgram is the most cost efficient ASR.

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Deepgram has given OTO the ability to provide services to our customers we couldn’t with Google.”

Nicolas Perony



Best Speech Recognition for OTO Systems

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