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Speech Recognition for Government

Meet Technical Acceptability Without High Costs

Why sacrifice transcription accuracy and speed to meet your “lowest cost, technically acceptable” guidelines? We are a Federal contractor that can give your agency 90%+ trained accuracy, one-hour government audio transcriptions in 3 seconds, and be your lowest cost supplier.

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Real-Time Analysis of Audio In Multiple Languages

Don’t waste valuable time with poor accuracy, human QA, and transcript corrections when you can transcribe your government audio in real-time for immediate analysis with 90%+ trained accuracy and under 300-millisecond lag. We can do various languages, too.

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Monitor Compliance and Improve Contact Center Coaching

Are all your agency’s or contact center’s employees following the script and providing the public with the correct information? With Deepgram’s speech recognition solution, you can now transcribe 100% of calls with real-time AI government audio transcriptions and have your system send immediate alerts to prevent compliance issues.

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Eliminate Audit Headaches for Government Contact Centers

Do you have a difficult time finding that one phone call in the mountain of recorded conversations due to poor transcriptions? With Deepgram, it is now cost-effective to transcribe 100% of your calls with 90%+ accuracy to quickly search for that one call.

Why Deepgram

Government Authorized and Integration Ready

Deepgram is a Federal Contractor (DUNS 105641800 – sam.gov), a Department of Defense CAGE (8L1N3 – CAGE code), and part of In-Q-Tel’s portfolio companies. We also have a robust set of speech recognition APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to easily integrate into any analytics or analysis platform. Deployment can be in the cloud or on-premise for sensitive data processing.

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Deepgram engines have outperformed any of the others that we have tried or looked into. Our accuracy levels are greater than 90% on virtually everything that we do.”

Dennis Evanson

Compliance and QA
Randall Reilly


Increased audit-confirmed results to levels exceeding 95% accuracy.

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Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.”

Adam Settle

VP of Product


Captured 100% of our call center audio.

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There could be hundreds of issues a customer is calling in about. Add to this complexity there is a distribution of words, specific to each of our customer’s brands. We couldn’t get these words right using Google, Amazon or Speechmatics, and are thrilled to finally reach our accuracy goal with Deepgram.”

Arjun Maheswaran


In a head to head test, Deepgram model training yielded a lower WER.

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Using state of the art transfer learning enables Deepgram to quickly build speech to text capabilities for new and novel language variants on relatively small amounts of training data, resulting in huge time savings for our government partners.”

George Hoyem

Managing Partner

Huge Time Savings with Deepgram

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Transcribe 100% of Your Voice Data at 90%+ Accuracy for Analysis and Action.

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