Speech-to-Text for Conversational AI/Voicebots

Deliver Human-like Experiences

The success of your voicebot is dependent on the accuracy of your transcription and speech understanding. So why accept lower than stellar accuracy from a Big Tech providers? Many customers see upwards of 90% accuracy and 300-millisecond transcription speed depending on their use case.

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Deepgram Word Error Rate Accuracy Chart

More Accuracy Means Better Experiences

Poor transcription leads to incorrect responses by your Conversational AI system. Our Speech Models correctly identify unique keywords and phrases such as product names, acronyms, and accents and more. Deepgram is designed for enterprise speech recognition, so environmental noise and cross-talk during phone calls or intercoms don’t phase us. Many use cases see upwards of 90% accuracy without keyword boosting or model training. 

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Speed Without Sacrifice

How does 300 milliseconds sound? Pretty fast, right? Many customers see 300 – 800 ms transcription speeds depending on their use case, without sacrificing accuracy. Make your Conversational AI similar to a human conversation without a long response lag. 

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Lower your total cost of ownership.

Is the cost of transcription and associated computing resources slowing down your go to market efforts? Our AI Speech Platform can run hundreds of audio streams on 1 GPU instead of 300 CPUs. Leverage a lower cost of ownership (TCO) and create more growth opportunities for your voicebot or Conversation AI business.

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“Sorry, I didn’t get that.”

The most annoying thing about talking to voicebots, IVRs, or contact center agents is having to repeat yourself. With real-time AI speech recognition and upwards of 90% accuracy for many use cases, you will never have to ask twice. If the Conversational AI system transfers the call to an agent, they can immediately read the transcript and never ask the customer to repeat her story, order, or issue. A great customer experience? You can say that again.

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Being able to rely on Deepgram transcription, both on the front and back end of the call is paramount to accurate emotion detection for our Call Center Customers.”

Adam Settle

VP of Product


Captured 100% of our call center audio.

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There could be hundreds of issues a customer is calling in about. Add to this complexity there is a distribution of words, specific to each of our customer’s brands. We couldn’t get these words right using Google, Amazon or Speechmatics, and are thrilled to finally reach our accuracy goal with Deepgram.”

Arjun Maheswaran


In a head to head test, Deepgram model training yielded a lower WER.

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Deepgram has given OTO the ability to provide services to our customers we couldn’t with Google.”

Nicolas Perony



Best Speech Recognition for OTO Systems

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No compromises.
Only opportunities.

Create better conversational AI experiences with 90%+ accuracy and 300-milliseconds real-time transcription speed at a fraction of the cost of legacy ASR solutions.

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