Deepgram Startup Program

Disrupt, Create, Accelerate Voice-Enabled Experiences.

Deepgram Startup Program helps technical founders create, launch, and scale voice-enabled experiences with speech recognition. Receive up to $100,000 to use over 12 months.

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Free Credits to Voice Innovators

Deepgram is giving away $10 million in free credits to startups with a specific mission to remove friction in customer, partner, employee experiences using voice technology.

We are accepting applications from all software categories and have a special interest in these categories.

    Sales and Support Enablement

    Customer Experience Analysis

    Customer Relationship Management

    E-Learning/Online Education

    Telemedicine/Health Records

    Captioning (video, podcasts)

    Collaboration Technologies

Not Your Average Accelerator

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Add to Current Benefits

Use in conjunction with your grant, seed, incubator, or accelerator benefits

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Level the Playing Field

Remove the cost barrier to creating speech enabled experience

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Partner with Voice Innovators

Work closely with the team that is building state-of-the-art AI for communications

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Create Experiences Set Up to Scale

Our goal is to help you deliver value and an exceptional experience for your customers. The Deepgram Startup Program offers a range of perks to get you started, including 12 months of ASR credit to easily transcribe conversations.

Program Benefits

  • Up to $100,000 in Deepgram ASR to use over the course of 12 months
  • Exclusive access to training sessions, materials, new features and speech models
  • Opportunities to showcase your solution and promote your company
  • Select startups may qualify for a dedicated Customer Success Manager and joint go-to-market initiatives

Eligibility Requirements

Accelerate Your Startup Success

Whether you’re a student with a spark of an idea or a startup prototyping solutions for voice-enabled use cases, we want to provide you with the tools to demonstrate the value of delightful audio experiences.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must create a Deepgram account with a business/company email (not a personal email).
  2. Must have a company website, and an email address associated with the company website. If you are a student please use your university email address.
  3. Must not be an existing Deepgram customer.


Deepgram is a core part of our offering, and it will remain so. We have found more than an STT solution but a partner in Deepgram to help us innovate and improve upon our offering”

Ravish Kamath

Chief Product Officer


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