Dragon isn’t built for developers

For transcribing one or two people’s voices locally, it might work. But developers with unique or complex audio streams need a better alternative to Nuance Dragon speech recognition. And it’s easy to get started.

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Transcribe All at Once, Not One by One

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition products are designed to take the input of a single person and convert it into text (you can try something similar out on our Console if you’re interested in comparing). With Deepgram, our enterprise-ready APIs and SDKs let you process multiple audio both in real time and from pre-recorded audio files.

Get the Model you Need for Your Business Case

Dragon offers a single, out-of-the-box solution. It might work well for simple use cases (a user dictating into a microphone), but can fail if there’s noisy audio or lots of jargon in the audio. Deepgram lets you customize a model to recognize your unique branded terms, industry lingo, and audio environment, giving you unparalleled accuracy that can be put into production in weeks — not months.

Deepgram Seamlessly Scales from One User to Thousands

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition solutions are built for single users who are dictating directly into a computer. But for most enterprises, buying a copy of Nuance for every user won’t be cost effective nor scalable. But with Deepgram, scaling based on your audio needs is no problem. And if you have sensitive or private audio data, we offer both on-premises or virtual private cloud options to ensure your audio stays safe and secure for your business use.

APIs, SDKs, and docs? Why, yes we do!

We’ve made getting started with Deepgram easy with APIs, detailed guides, and clear documentation. Go ahead. Take it for a spin and get $200 in free credits.