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Deepgram's AI-powered transcription and speech understanding APIs make scaling voice-enabled applications easier than ever. Harness the power of unrivaled accuracy, speed, and cost to give your products the competitive edge to win.

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Unleash the potential of Deepgram's cutting-edge speech recognition API across diverse applications. From enhancing accessibility in real-time transcriptions to powering voice assistants for effortless interactions, Deepgram delivers unparalleled performance for every use case.

Contact Centers

Transcribe customer interactions into actionable data and analyze customer sentiment, detect key topics to enable agents in real time.

Conversational AI

Power AI virtual assistants with robust understanding capabilities for more intuitive conversational AI experiences.

Speech Analytics

Transcribe conversational data for analysis to surface relevant insights, monitor regulatory compliance, QA, and more.

Media Transcription

Caption, summarize, and analyze podcasts and videos affordably and efficiently to streamline production workflows.


Enhance online learning experiences by providing transcriptions for lectures and discussions, aiding comprehension and recall.

Medical Transcription

Quickly convert patient interactions and notes into text, improving documentation accuracy and efficiency for providers.

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