Speech-to-text accuracy that trumps AssemblyAI

When it comes to speech-to-text, don’t settle for supbar results. Deepgram is nearly 40% more accurate, up to 5x faster, and 2.5x more affordable than AssemblyAI. Find out why innovators are switching from AssemblyAI to the most powerful speech-to-text API.

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From transcription to understanding

Deepgram's Language AI models let you extract more value from your voice data without hiring additional experts across all your use cases.

  • Our Task-Specific Language Models perform downstream tasks like summarization and sentiment analysis faster and more affordably than Large Language Models (LLMs) can.

  • In the contact center domain, language understanding APIs boost user experience and agent productivity by capturing crucial conversational context, including the customer's purpose, agent's response, and follow-up actions.

Don’t just take our word for it

Deepgram was named a G2 Leader in 2024, solidifying its position in the industry and making it a top choice among developers. See why.