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Audio Input

Hi. Thank you so much for calling Wham. My name is Ali. How can I help you today? Hey. Just trying to change the payment info on the website. since my sub is about to renew. I was wondering if you could do it on the phone. Yeah. That shouldn't be a problem. Could I have your first and last name, please? Erin Shurtz, s c h e r t z. Alright. Thank you so much, Erin. Could I also have your phone number, please? 713-899 0745. Excellent. And I'm just going to verify with your security question really quick, if you don't mind. What street did you grow up on? Cypress Avenue. Okay. Excellent. Thank you so much. And I can just go ahead and update that card info for you. So first, what is the card number? 4708 Okay. 1209. Okay. 8732. Uh-huh. 7655. Great. And could I also have your expiration date as well? February 2028. Great. And could I also have your CVC on the back? 482. Okay. Thank you. And the the billing address is still the same? Yep. Okay. Great. then you're all set. Thank you so much for calling in.

“summary”: “The customer calls Wham to change their payment and asks if they can do it on the phone since their sub is about to renew. The agent takes down the customer's information and updates their card information, including billing address and expiration date. The call ends with the agent thanking the customer for calling.”