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Convert your conversations, audio files, or YouTube videos into text easily using our advanced transcription tool, which supports over 30 languages and dialects.



Click the mic to transcribe live in English or select another language.

Best Free AI Speech to Text

Looking for a simple way to convert speech to text? Deepgram's free transcription tool is your ultimate solution. Whether it's conversations, audio files, or YouTube videos, our advanced AI transcription tool supports over 36 languages and dialects, making it the best free AI transcription tool available online. Discover how easy and efficient transcription can be with our tool.

How It Works

Using Deepgram's transcription tool is simple:

  1. Select Your Language: Choose from over 36 languages and dialects.

  2. Choose Your Input Method: Click the 'Speak' button to start speaking, upload an audio file, or enter a YouTube link.

  3. Get Your Transcript: Once the transcription is complete, copy the text to your clipboard or download it as a .txt file.

Our tool is completely free with no ads or costs, providing you with a seamless and straightforward transcription experience.

Transcribe Audio for Free

Need to transcribe audio files quickly? Deepgram’s transcription tool lets you convert your audio into text in no time. This is incredibly useful for students, journalists, podcasters, and professionals who need accurate and reliable transcripts without spending a dime. Our free AI transcription tool ensures you get the best quality transcription without any hassle.

Free YouTube Transcript

Effortlessly convert your favorite YouTube videos into text by simply pasting the link into our transcription tool, and our AI does the rest. This feature is perfect for content creators, educators, and anyone looking to make video content more accessible.

Free Conversation Transcription

Transcribing live conversations has never been easier. With Deepgram's free online transcription tool, you can capture every word of your meetings, interviews, or lectures in real-time. This is ideal for professionals, students, and anyone needing a reliable conversation transcription tool. Our AI-powered transcription ensures accuracy and speed, making it the best free tool for transcription of live conversations.