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What is AutoML? How the Technology Paves the Way for the Future of ASR

There is a lot of buzz around the term “AutoML” and what it can really do for companies. When you hear the term “AI creating AI”, it’s bound to incite a lot of excitement… and curiosity. At its core, AutoML means automated machine learning. It gives enterprises the power to train and deploy thousands of… Read More »

Deepgram Announces UniMRCP Integration to Power Modern Customer Experience

Clients can now implement state of the art speech recognition into their IVR solutions. COVID-19 has created a twofold challenge for customer service operations, inundating contact center employees with customer service queries while simultaneously requiring significant changes to accommodate a reduced and remote workforce. Even before the pandemic,  organizations were increasing their focus on customer… Read More »

Deepgram Pioneers Novel Training Approach Setting New Standard for AI Companies

Introducing the first AutoML Model Training for Speech Recognition Artificial intelligence has made astonishing technological advances in recent years and more companies are turning to AI to improve internal functions and unlock the potential of enterprise datasets. IDC has characterized AI as “inescapable” and estimates that by 2025, at least 90% of new enterprise apps… Read More »


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