The best speech-to-text API for medical transcription

Automate the conversion of clinical notes and doctor-patient dialogues into Electronic Health Records affordably and efficiently with the industry’s best speech-to-text and language understanding APIs.

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Unbeatable Performance and Value

  • Generate HIPAA compliant clinical notes with speech-to-text models that surpass all competitors in speed, accuracy, and cost.

  • Our new Nova-2 medical model is meticulously customized to identify terminology prevalent in healthcare environments, encompassing symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, medications, and clinical jargon.

Transcripts you can trust

  • Our transcripts come with built-in speaker labels (diarization) and word timings, enhancing readability and streamlining workflows.

  • Smart transcript formatting including automatic punctuation and paragraphs, contextualized entities, alphanumerics, proper noun handling, and more.

Patients hate waiting and so do you

  • Low-latency streaming transcription, long audio file handling, and up to 40x faster transcription creation of pre-recorded audio than alternatives.

  • Language AI models that can create accurate summaries and identify speaker sentiment, topics and intent enable enhanced analytics and workflow automation.

The medical transcription solution clinicians deserve

Poor transcription accuracy increases administrative burden of clinicians and leads to decreased medical reimbursement due to under-coded medical notes. Our latest speech-to-text API includes a new medical model that's trained to natively understand healthcare terminology and jargon.

Fast and accurate clinical notes

Developers can generate HIPAA compliant clinical notes with fast and accurate speech-to-text. Reduce the burden of care documentation and let providers focus on what matters most for their patients.

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The new Nova Medical speech recognition model provides accurate transcription of doctor-patient conversations for our AI Scribe product, and the turnaround time is incredibly fast! We are extremely impressed with Deepgram! Our developers appreciate the comprehensive documentation and excellent technical support.

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What could you do with 90%+ accuracy and real-time 300-milliseconds transcription speed at a fraction of the cost of legacy ASR solutions?

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