The best Speech- to Text API for medical transcription

Automate the conversion of clinical notes and doctor-patient dialogues into Electronic Health Records affordably and efficiently with the industry’s best speech-to-text and language understanding APIs.

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Unbeatable value and performance

  • Generate HIPAA compliant clinical notes with speech-to-text models that surpass all competitors in speed, accuracy, and cost.

  • Our Nova-2 medical model is built to handle common healthcare terminology including symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, medications, and clinical jargon.

Transcripts you can trust

  • Built-in support for speaker labels (diarization) and word timings enhance readability and streamlining workflows.

  • Smart formatting including automatic punctuation and paragraphs, contextualized entities, alphanumerics, proper noun handling, and more.

Eliminate patient wait times: A solution you'll love

  • Low-latency streaming transcription, long audio file handling, and up to 40x faster transcription creation of pre-recorded audio than alternatives.

  • Language AI models that can create accurate summaries and identify speaker sentiment, topics and intent enable enhanced analytics and workflow automation.