Achieve Fast, Real-Time Accuracy with Deepgram for Conversational AI Bots

We make creating human-like conversational voicebots simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

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  • The SDKs you want — Python, .net, node.js, — plus top-notch docs

  •  Pre-recorded (batch) or live-streaming (real-time) transcription

  •  30+ languages supported for transcription, over 100 for translation

  •  Conversational AI model with human-level accuracy for voicebots

  •  Audio understanding with Topic and Language Detection

  •  Easily identify who is speaking in multichannel audio with diarization

Accurate, real-time transcripts for human-like conversational AI bots

Dialects and accents? Crosstalk? Jargon and slang? The speech recognition API that powers a voicebot has to be accurate and fast so the digital agent can respond to the caller in real-time. With Deepgram, our speech models correctly identify unique keywords and phrases such as product names, acronyms, and accents and more.

Accurate + Usable

So we built a speech API for voicebots that could stand on its own

Big box speech-to-text (STT) providers like Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have APIs… but accurate, usable transcription isn’t the heart of their business. Whether you’re writing in Node, Python, .NET or JavaScript, Deepgram makes creating human-like conversational voicebots simpler, faster, and cheaper. So you’ll never have to hear “Can you repeat that?” ever again.

For Conversational AI voicebots, it all starts off with speech recognition. If you don’t understand what the person said and transcribe it to text accurately, you're not in the game. Our partnership with Deepgram and their models in conjunction with our internal models that are trained on case-specific data get well over 90% accuracy.

Dion Millson

Dion Millson


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