Container Images (release 230804)

  • deepgram/onprem-api:1.97.1

  • deepgram/onprem-engine:3.53.6

  • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:1.4.2

  • deepgram/onprem-billing:1.7.2

  • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:2.0.6

  • deepgram/onprem-dgtools:2.1.4

Deepgram On-premises Release Tags

  • deepgram/onprem-api:release-230804

  • deepgram/onprem-engine:release-230804

  • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:release-230804

  • deepgram/onprem-billing:release-230804

  • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:release-230804

  • deepgram/onprem-dgtools:release-230804

This Release Contains The Following Changes

  • Summarization efficiency improvements for broader GPU compatibility.

  • Summarization-related errors and warnings produced by API calls have been expanded and made more detailed; please see our docs on this topic.

  • Opus compatibility improvements with multichannel audio.

  • Added a configuration parameter for batch sizes specifically for Whisper models. Please contact your account manager for more details.

  • Added additional error reporting for streaming-related failures when the initial request includes the debug=true query parameter.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.🐛

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