Deepgram released a new version of its on-premises solution.

On-Premises Release 220708 Docker Hub Images

  • deepgram/onprem-api:1.60.0

  • deepgram/onprem-engine:3.28.10

  • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:1.1.0

  • deepgram/onprem-billing:1.4.0

  • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:2.0.0


This Release Contains The Following Changes

  • Deepgram On-premises now supports Enhanced models for ASR requests.

    • Enhanced models can be invoked on-prem by using the model=general-enhanced request parameter. At this time, on-prem does not support the new tier=enhanced syntax.

  • Transcription Find and Replace is now supported via the replace URI parameter. To learn more, please visit the feature page for Find and Replace.

  • The /v2/models endpoint response now includes the model UUID for cross-referencing against the model UUID listed in the /v2/listen response.

Compatibility Notice

Any [[post_processing_info.plugins]] sections defined in the api.toml file will need to be deleted to get properly formatted responses with this release.

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