Today, we’re very excited to announce the public release of our new Automatic Language Detection feature(detect_language=true), which supports all of our generally available languages

Deepgram’s speech recognition API, with Language Detection, can automatically detect the dominant language in an audio file and transcribe the output in the detected language.

Language Detection API endpoint can be called using (detect_language=true) and will return detected_lanaguage in the response body of the output.

Examples of use cases for Language Detection include:

  • Automatically generates the transcription in the detected dominant language. 

  • Better organize and categorize a large amount of unstructured audio data based on the identified language.

  • Customers with input audio files in different languages who need to automatically detect and transcribe the output in the detected language.


The URL query might look like this to call the Language Detection API.

Please see the features page in our documentation to learn more about Language Detection.

Please get in touch with us through your dedicated support channel. We’d love to have your feedback, please share it with us at Product Feedback.

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