We’ve made a change in our recently released Diarizer that may affect you. Requests for very long audio files for the new diarizer (files longer than 3 hours) will temporarily return an error message with a 400 error code. The team is actively working to enable diarization for files longer than three hours.

Here is a workaround to help you while our team works to remedy this behavior

  • If your audio file is longer than 3 hours, you can use the old diarizer by adding an additional query parameter to your requests – diarizer_version=2021-7-14.0

    • https://api.deepgram.com/v1/listen?diarize=true&diarize_version=2021-07-14.0

  • If your audio file is shorter than 3 hours, no change is necessary. Your API requests with diarization will return results as expected.

Who isn’t impacted by this change

  • Users processing audio with diarization (diarize=true) and a duration of less than 3 hours.

  • On-prem customers.

Our customer support team is always available to work with you on any issues you may see with our latest version of the diarizer.

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