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Great sales enablement demands accurate, 
real-time speech-to-text.

Speed up your analytics and coaching tools with 300-millisecond speech-to-text (STT) at over 90% trained accuracy.

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High STT Accuracy = Better Call Insights

Poor accuracy on keywords, product names, company names and terminology can lead to inaccurate analysis or missed coaching opportunities.

Accuracy on the Right Words

In less than two weeks, train your own speech model to accurately transcribe the most important product names, company names and sales terms to achieve over 90%+ trained accuracy without sacrificing speed or costs.

What could you achieve with increased accuracy?

Speed to Make Decisions

Besides real-time STT with only a 300 millisecond lag, we can transcribe 60 minutes of audio in 30 seconds without any loss of accuracy or speed, so you can get faster and more accurate data for analysis and actionable next steps.

What could you accomplish with faster results?

Low Cost to Expand Quickly

Increase usage and expand your customer base with Deepgram. Our STT costs are half the price of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM Watson.

Can you penetrate more of your market with lower costs?

Trusted by leading Sales Enablement Platforms

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We believe Sales Enablement platforms can benefit from accurate, real-time ASR in more ways than one. Complete the form and be connected right away with a Deepgram Product Expert. logo

“Most other speech-to-text vendors’ word error rates (WER) fell consistently between 75% and 80%, whereas Deepgram’s WER is consistently 90% to 92% for us.”

tether uses deepgram for STT

“As we’ve begun to roll out Deepgram to our customers, we’ve noticed the platform’s distinct ability to quickly and accurately transcribe product and company names.”

“Deepgram’s ability to create custom voice-recognition models make the decision to bring the team on as a technology partner a no-brainer for us.”

podsights logo

“While Deepgram offers a technically excellent product, that’s not the only reason we ultimately chose them over their competitors. We liked working with their team. The team is extremely knowledgeable about the product and their customer service is unmatched. Other providers in the space offer nothing similar.”

Open up new opportunities with improved speech recognition.

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