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Step 1: Input Audio

2  "url":"call_center_nike_support"
The response will show here
Step 2: Transcription Output
The response will show here

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Click the mic to transcribe live in English or select another language.


Click the mic to transcribe live in English or select another language.

Transcribe in 30+ languages and dialects.

We speak your customer’s language with coverage for over 30 language varieties and use-case modules—with more added regularly

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Call the most accurate use-case model for your domain.

Specialized models for phone calls, meetings, conversational AI, and more. Don’t see a model that works for you? Try our general model, or train a tailored model for your needs.

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It just works out of the box, with the tools that developers need.

Deepgram just works and integrates with applications and protocols you’re used to using. Stop wasting time with spaghetti code and just get to building.

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Deploy on-prem, cloud, or VPC.

Our standard deployment is within our cloud, but for more sensitive voice and transcription data, we also offer an on-premises installation or a private cloud installation, where you can control the entire environment. Deepgram is Kubernetes-ready with Docker images, and has pre-built VM images to enable rapid deployment to most cloud providers. Train models and deploy anywhere – on premises or in the cloud.

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