QA Every. Single. Call.

You’ve got years worth of recordings, and don’t have the insights to show for it. Transcribe every single call with the industry’s most accurate, reliable, and scalable speech recognition.

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Unlock insights from conversations to improve customer experience.

Your omni-channel strategy isn’t complete till you’ve shined a light on dark audio data. Stop sampling and start analyzing 100% of your interactions to remove friction points in your customer experience.

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Lower cost without sacrificing a thing.

Powered by GPUs and a patented Deep Neural Network, our speech recognition models require less compute than Google, Amazon, IBM or Nuance. Reduce hardware costs by 5x without sacrificing accuracy, speed, scale or reliability – on premise or in the cloud.

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Compliance & quality assurance without manual effort

With reliable transcripts for 100% of your calls you can confidently reduce human-in-the-loop QA efforts and automate manual tasks. Free up your talented team to focus on more complex tasks and start generating value.

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Enable agents to take the right action

Transcribe conversations accurately on the fly to enable agents to understand customer needs, and allow managers to actively coach. With low latency, real-time streaming and high accuracy, you’ll be surfacing knowledge base articles and upsell offers to your agents when they need them.

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