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Which Speech Recognition Model is Best for My Business?

A funny thing happened when Deepgram first decided to use end-to-end deep learning (E2EDL) to design our next-generation speech-to-text (STT) solution. We found that this approach was hugely flexible and easier to optimize than traditional...


Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American History Month, and oy vey, there is so much to write about! At Deepgram, we always have speech and language on our minds—and this month, we’re excited to write about Jewish...


5 Ways to Understand the Voice of the Customer with Voice Technology

There’s no doubt that customer feedback is important for businesses. It can help you understand what you’re doing well and where you need to make improvements. But in the past, capturing and understanding the voice...


The Best 8 Deepgram Projects from Hack Cambridge

Back in January, we had the opportunity to support Hack Cambridge—a student hackathon sponsored by the University of Cambridge. We ran a challenge for participants to use Deepgram in some way to create a fun...


Deepgram On-Premises Release 20220428

Deepgram released a new version of its on-premises solution. On-Premises Release 20220428 Docker Hub Images deepgram/onprem-api:1.58.0 deepgram/onprem-engine:3.26.7 deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:1.0.0-1 deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:2.0.0 This Release Contains The Following Changes Failover Drivers are now deprecated. Customers with Deepgram Engine instances...


How Voice Technology Creates a More Accessible World [7 Ways]

Voice technologies like speech-to-text (STT) (also called automatic speech recognition, or ASR) have had a profound impact across the enterprise. From contact centers analyzing interactions with customers to automatically creating meeting transcripts, voice tech is...


More Language Models, Better Accuracy

Following our mission to make every voice be heard and understood, Deepgram has been working hard to release language models to support many more global languages, and we’re continually working to improve accuracy across all...


Top 6 Dutch ASR Challenges: Diverse Dialects, Data, and Dictionaries

Dutch is an Indo-European language, spoken in Northern Europe, primarily in Holland and Belgium. The language has about 25 million native speakers, and another 5 million second language learners. The term “Dutch” actually encompasses two...


Best Speech-to-Text APIs in 2022

If you’ve been shopping for a speech-to-text (STT) solution for your business, you’re not alone. In our recent State of Voice Technology 2022 report, 99% of respondents said they viewed voice-enabled experiences as a critical...


Transfer Learning from Spanish to Portuguese: How Neighbors on the Map Also Share Vectors

Transfer learning is one of the hottest topics of natural language processing—and, indeed, machine learning in general—in recent years. In this post, I want to share with you what transfer learning is, why it’s so...

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