Step 3: Test Features

Audio Input

Speaker 0 : Alright. I’m ready.

Speaker 1 : Good evening. I’m Dr. Emmett Brown. I’m standing on the parking lot at Twin Pines Mall. It’s Saturday Morning October twenty sixth nineteen eighty five one eighteen AM. And this is temporal experiment number one. Come on Einey. Hey, boy. Get in there. At a boy. In you go. Sit down. Get your seatbelt on. That’s it.

Speaker 0 : Okay.

Speaker 1 : Please note, that Einstein’s clock is in precise synchronization with my control watch. Got it?

Speaker 0 : Right. Check doc.

Speaker 1 : Good. Have a good trip einstein. Watch your head.

Speaker 0 : You got that thing hooked up to the car?

Speaker 1 : Watch this.

Speaker 0 : Yeah Ok.

Speaker 1 : Not me the car, the car. If my calculations are correct. When this baby hits eighty eight miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious s**t. Watch this watch this. What did I tell you? Eighty eight miles per hour. The thermal displacement occurred exactly what? One O two A M and zero seconds.

Speaker 0 : Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, doc, you disintegrated einstein.

Speaker 1 : Calm down Marty. I didn’t disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of both Einstein and the car are completely intact.

Speaker 0 : Then where hell are they?

Speaker 1 : The appropriate question is, when the hell are they? You see, Einstein has just become the world’s first time traveler. I set him into the future. One minute into the future to be exact. Now precisely one twenty one AM and zero seconds we shall catch up with him and the time machine.

Speaker 0 : Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Doc. Are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a Delorean?