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Josh evaluated Deepgram and other STT solutions in accuracy, latency and punctuation and found that Deepgram outperformed all the major competitors and incumbents. In addition, he notes that Deepgrams’ service and responsiveness help them make the decision to build with Deepgram


Josh Schachter, CEO and Founder

So my name is Josh Schachter, and I am the founder and CEO of UpdateAI. So UpdateAI, we are helping customer success managers, customer success teams to overcome task overload, and to scale their value delivery to more customers, to more clientele.

We’re the only platform for customer success that does this in real time. We’re next gen technology, which is why we’re so excited about partnering with Deepgram because the foundation of what we’re doing is all predicated on having the best transcription, knowing exactly what it said because on top of that, we are providing our models.

So I found out about Deepgram, actually from a VC, from a venture capitalist who focuses on AI and NLP based companies. And this person, they’re based in Southern California. They they knew we were evaluating different transcription providers. And they said, I’ve heard good things about Deepgram you should check them out. But we were really impressed with the level of service, with the responsiveness, with just the general rapport of the team. As that’s all great. Right? When you complement that with the superlative results that we received in our testing of their transcription, it it put them over the edge.

I’d recommend Deepgram to any B2B SaaS company that’s looking for the best-in-breed transcription and customer service and customer success.

Josh Schachter

CEO/Founder, UpdateAI

So we looked at things like word error rate. We looked at things like latency. Those were honestly the two biggest indicators for us of really high quality transcription. Another piece was the level of accuracy and punctuation. And so we just did this analysis across all those really staple transcription metrics. They actually helped us along the way a little bit as well in in in that evaluation, In an unbiased way and we were really impressed.

I‘d recommend Deepgram to any B2B SaaS company that’s looking for the best-in-breed transcription and customer service and customer success. A service that outperforms major competitors and incumbents gives me so much confidence and trust in Deepgram and relief as an entrepreneur. Right? I have so many things to worry about. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about the quality of the transcription, which is gonna drive so many other factors and gears in my product is something that helps me sleep at night.

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