Deepgram released a new version of its on-premises solution.

On-Premises Release 230228: Docker Hub Images

  • deepgram/onprem-api:1.83.0

  • deepgram/onprem-engine:3.43.4

  • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy:1.3.0

  • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server:2.0.3

  • deepgram/onprem-billing:1.5.3

  • deepgram/onprem-dgtools:2.1.3


  • Improvements to Smart Formatting.

  • Improved usage reporting for multichannel, streaming, and NLU features.

  • TLS support for streaming callbacks.

  • Resolves an issue when parsing μ-law or A-law encoded audio data.

  • Resolves an issue which impacted Language Detection.

  • Migrated to the Rocky Linux base images to resolve CVEs for the following components:

    • deepgram/onprem-api

    • deepgram/onprem-engine

    • deepgram/onprem-license-proxy

    • deepgram/onprem-metrics-server

    • deepgram/onprem-dgtools

  • Due to the base image change, it is recommended that users prune their container images with the following command:
    docker image prune -a

  • Other minor stability, error handling, and performance improvements.

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