General Release Opting In

Deepgram regularly releases new Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models and other enterprise features. These releases are planned on a monthly basis with releases occurring throughout the month.

Opting In

Because new models and features may change client workflow and functions, we want to make sure you can control what you want to Opt-in.  For example, a model may have a new punctuation method, diarization method, or an updated vocabulary which needs to be post-processed in domain-specific ways by client code. Therefore, we recommend that customers with high production uptime requirements opt-in to most updates rather than always running with the latest release.

Deepgram provides two methods for opting in depending on the type of change being made:

  • All Deepgram models (model) support version selection (version). This means that in each API call customers can specify which version of a given model they wish to use. New model versions, as well as deprecation of versions, will be announced in the Deepgram Changelog. We recommend that customers with high-uptime requirements always select the model version that they wish to use and opt-in to new models by updating the version number after having tested the new model separately.

  • Almost all new ASR features are configured to be off by default. Customers can opt-in to new features through the use of API parameters.  As with model version selection, we recommend that customers first test new ASR features separately from their production pipeline and, once they are proven to work well with other customer software and workflow, begin use at a larger scale.

In certain circumstances (e.g. patching security vulnerabilities), it is not possible for DG to provide an opt-in. In these cases, DG will notify customers of the upcoming change through each customer’s preferred method of communication, as well as the Deepgram Changelog. These communications will describe what changes, if any, to expect on the client side.

Deepgram support,, is always available to help walk customers through new feature purpose and configuration, as well as resolve any issues that arise when upgrading.

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