Faster, more accurate, and cheaper than Speechmatics

Companies with a high volume of audio are looking for a Speechmatics speech-to-text alternative. Deepgram delivers with +90% accuracylower cost, and higher speeds.

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All the features. Better performance. Lower cost.

Tired of waiting for your transcripts?

We were too. So we built our End-to-End Deep Learning ASR to be lightning fast. One hour of audio transcribed in 20 seconds and real-time streaming lags of less than 300 ms. And adding diarization will not double our transcription time.

Speech recognition built for growth

Is transcription at 2x real-time speed enough?
As you expand your business, this is definitely not going to cut it. We can transcribe 10,000 hours of audio in 33 minutes using 100 streams. Speechmatics will take over 2 days using 100 streams and a lot of CPU power. Don’t limit your growth.

Tailored models unique to your audio

What if Speechmatics’ out of the box accuracy is not enough? Sorry, that’s the end of the road. With Deepgram, our out of the box solution, which is already highly accurate, can continually be improved with training. With our data-centric approach, our AI speech models can learn to transcribe very difficult audio accuracy; i.e. jargon, terminology, slang, accents, noise, etc. We can build a higher accuracy tailored speech model for you within weeks with our data labelers, linguists, and ML engineers.

Lower TCO for on-premises

Deepgram provides a lower cost per hour and optimizes our processing for on-premise deployments so that each GPU can process multiple audio streams concurrently, thereby lowering your compute costs. Speechmatics requires one CPU per audio stream, which will rack up your compute bill quickly.

Switching to Deepgram is easy.

Switching to Deepgram is easy

Exploring APIs, SDKs, and documentation: Yes, we've got you covered!

We’ve made getting started with Deepgram easy with APIs, detailed guides, and clear documentation. Go ahead. Take it for a spin and get $200 in free credits.