Customer Stories

Deepgram creates increased insights for CallTrackingMetrics customers

Increasing Transcription Accuracy to >90% and Lowering Overall Cost is a Dual Win for CallTrackingMetrics Customers

The Landscape

Conversion Tracking and Contact Center Automation Go Hand-in-Hand

The growing number of call centers globally and the rising demand for a complete communication solution are major drivers of the booming Unified Communications and Contact Center as a Service market. Recognizing the needs for tight integration between the call center and call tracking analytics, CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) is in a unique category of being the only all-in-one call tracking and contact center solution. Its business model is focused on two elements—conversion-tracking and contact center automation—which go hand-in-hand to offer a more personalized customer experience. The call tracking aspect is geared towards marketers who leverage the technology for marketing attribution by tracking which campaigns are driving calls, texts and conversions. The contact center solution is used by call center managers to remotely manage all of their communication channels in one platform and optimize their workforce.

“The great thing about our technology is that both elements work together to meet our customers’ needs. Our customers can utilize the conversion tracking aspect of our platform to surface data insights and apply those learnings to help power the contact centerpiece,” said Todd Fisher of CTM.

The Challenge

40% of Call Transcriptions Were Too Inaccurate To Provide Reliable Analytics and Insight

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is a necessary function that is critical for contact centers as well as call tracking software. The technology enables call centers to analyze calls for compliance concerns and provides a rich data set to surface valuable insights for marketers.

Serving 100,000 users in over 90 countries, it was critical that CTM had an ASR platform it could trust and that worked seamlessly for both its call tracking and contact center solutions. Speech recognition had been a part of CTM’s offering since the company was founded in 2011, but within the past year, they realized the need to uplevel their speech offering for their customers. “We were at a point where we really wanted to uplevel our speech transcriptions,” said Fisher. “Call transcriptions allow us to quickly review what has already taken place on a call, and provide the most effective advice to the agent. If certain words are inaccurate, then the team can misconstrue key context and will miss valuable data insights to help them improve.”

Call center data is critical to managing the end customer’s experience, yet the data from recorded phone conversations had been sorely lacking. To ensure they were delivering the experience their customers deserved, the CTM team set out to find an ASR platform that could deliver superior accuracy to fulfill their data needs.

The Solution

Deepgram Provides Highly Accurate Transcriptions to Unlock Valuable Insights

When CTM started evaluating the speech service providers on the market, Deepgram was far above the competition. With Deepgram’s greater than 90% accuracy rate, CallTrackingMetrics was able to improve the quality of its customer conversation analytics significantly.

“Deepgram is by far the most accurate speech vendor we evaluated and we’ve seen a tremendous improvement since deploying Deepgram, both on the call tracking analytics and contact center side,” said Fisher. “On the call tracking side, Deepgram’s speech data has been invaluable for our customers so they can understand important insights around which marketing tactics and campaigns are working. On the contact center side, accurate transcriptions are key for agent training to help contact center managers understand the full call context and search the transcription for certain words and phrases that might indicate abusive or disgruntled customers.”