Elevate your customer experience with the leading speech-to-text API for contact centers.

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Deepgram’s powerful speech AI platform enables contact centers with:

  • Real-time call transcriptions for agent assist and support enablement.

  • Fastest processing time for pre-recorded transcription (transcribe an hour of audio is just 12 seconds).

  • Greater accuracy on the words that matter most to you (terminology, product terms, acronyms, and more) with our tailored speech models.

  • Conversational IVR solutions for faster resolution and better customer experiences.

  • Natural language understanding features like Diarization, Summarization, Redaction, Entity Detection, and more.

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Deepgram enables key use cases to improve customer experiences

Call Center Analytics

Highly accurate transcription to power actionable intelligence on upsell opportunities, agent coaching, QA and compliance, and more.

Real-time Agent Assist

Resolve average call handling time and provide better customer service with real-time transcripts.

Q/A & Compliance

Accurately search your voice data for insights like non-regulatory compliance.

Conversational IVR

Power human-like digital agents to respond to callers in real-time with Deepgram.

Pure Transcription!

Real-time and batch transcription processed way faster than the other guys complete with keywords and search.

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