A speech API that checks all the boxes

Transcribe podcasts with our SDKs or API

The SDKs you want — Python, .net, node.js, — plus top-notch docs

Label speaker changes with diarization

Pre-recorded (batch) or live-streaming (real-time) transcription

Know what was said when with word timings

Quickly format transcripts with automatic punctuation and paragraphs

Accurate, usable transcripts for your podcasts.

Background noise? Multiple speakers? Crosstalk? If not every podcast recording is clean as a whistle, that’s no problem. Get accurate podcast transcripts you can actually use with the formatting features you want like diarization, numerals, profanity filtering, capitalization, and punctuation.

Big box speech-to-text software sucks

So we built a podcast transcription API that could stand on its own

Big box speech-to-text (STT) providers like Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have APIs… but accurate, usable podcast audio transcription isn’t the heart of their business. Easy-to-use APIs are what we do. With Deepgram, you’ll get speech-to-text that is simply faster, cheaper and easier to use whether you’re writing in Node, Python, .NET or JavaScript.

Captioning and Subtitles

Whether for accessibility, usability or compliance, our transcripts are easy to use and super accurate.

Media Monitoring

Real-time and batch processed way faster than the other guys complete with keywords and search.


Who’s talking?! Deepgram makes diarization easy to call and easy to read.

Voice Analytics

Transcribe everything for analysis. We can process 1000 hours of audio in 30 minutes.

Pure Transcription!

If you are just looking for a readable transcript, that’s what Deepgram does best.

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“While Deepgram offers a technically excellent product, that’s not the only reason we ultimately chose them over their competitors. We liked working with their team. The team is extremely knowledgeable about the product and their customer service is unmatched. Other providers in the space offer nothing similar.”


– Software Engineer, Podsights

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