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Face-to-face events are (kind of) back - and we decided to rejoin the fray for Project Voice X held in Destin, Florida. It was great to meet and listen to the innovators and futurists in the panel sessions which ran the gamut from why voice is the next interface to diagnosing mental declines in patients. Voice technology has moved from command and response smart speakers to true business, retail and medical uses that will change how we interface with machines. How about a multi-channel NLU based, voicebot, SMS, and email interface AI that can provide customers solutions in the method that works best for them? Or supplement doctors' regular in person visits with voicebots calls that can determine if the patient is doing well between visits. Or analyzing a speaker to determine psychographic information on their predilection to certain topics, their overall sentiment, and voice personality.

Scott Stephenson, Deepgram CEO, presenting "Building the Future of Voice" at Project Voice X 2021.

In partnership with and Project Voice, we recorded a sample of the sessions from Day 1 to transcribe. ran an analysis of Bradley's opening session, which you can see in the third transcription post for the session #3 by Scott Sandland below. Listen, learn, enjoy and comment!

  1. Welcome / Opening Keynote - Bradley Metrock (CEO, Project Voice)

  2. Amazon Keynote - Jeff Blankenburg (Principal Technical Evangelist, Amazon)

  3. Say What You Mean: Navigating Critical Conversations - Scott Sandland (CEO, Cyrano.AI)

  4. Building The Future Of Voice - Scott Stephenson (CEO, Deepgram)

  5. The New Age Of Voice Commerce - Mike Zagorsek (Chief Operations Officer, SoundHound)

  6. Sparking The Future Of Conversation Design - Braden Ream (CEO, Voiceflow)

  7. NLP On The Edge: Voice, AI, and Hardware - Robert Daigle (Global AI and Innovation Leader, Lenovo) and Andi Huels (Head of AI, North America, Lenovo)

  8. What's Next For AI in the Contact Center - Art Coombs (CEO, KomBea)

  9. Voice in Healthcare Part I - Dr. Yared Alemu (CEO, TQIntelligence)

  10. Voice in Healthcare Part II - Henry O'Connell (CEO, Canary Speech)

  11. Sonic Branding in the Enterprise - Audrey Arbeeny (CEO, Audiobrain)

  12. Retail, Restaurants, and Travel - Shilp Agarwal (CEO, Blutag)

  13. The Evolution Of Conversational AI In The Car And Beyond - Shyamala Prayaga (Product Manager, Conversational AI, Ford Motor Company)

  14. The Importance of Testing with Voice Experiences and Conversational AI - John Kelvie (CEO, Bespoken)

  15. Accuracy Matters: Improving Speech Recognition Through Data Processes - Esteban Gorupicz (CEO, Atexto)

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