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Deepgram’s Partners Drive Contact Center Transformation with Voice AI

Josh Fox
By Josh Fox
PublishedMay 24, 2024
UpdatedJun 14, 2024

In today's highly competitive landscape, contact center leaders recognize that leveraging AI is crucial for elevating customer experiences and driving operational efficiency. Despite the rise of digital channels, inbound phone calls remain a preferred method for customer communication, underscoring the need for performant, scalable voice AI solutions that can keep pace with growing demands.

"Deepgram has been an invaluable partner for us over the years. Their dedication to continuous innovation and their willingness to listen to customer feedback have resulted in a roadmap that aligns well with our needs. This commitment has enabled us to deliver exceptional voice AI solutions to our customers."

– Adam Larsen, CTO Tethr

Voice-powered AI agents are set to revolutionize call center operations by enabling businesses to provide seamless customer support entirely through AI. This transformation not only reduces operational costs but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the emergence of ‘super agents’ – frontline workers equipped with advanced AI tools like agent assist – is poised to dramatically boost productivity, making agents more efficient and effective before, during, and after customer interactions.

One of the foundational technologies driving contact center innovation is AI-powered speech-to-text, but not any old form of transcription will do. To attain meaningful results that scale, speech-to-text solutions must be highly accurate, support real-time transcription speed, and be cost efficient. 

“For Voice AI, it all starts with speed and accuracy in the transcription. At Enterprise Bot, that’s exactly why we choose Deepgram as our preferred STT model. This killer combination is allowing us to unlock real-time voice use cases for our clients using Genesys and other leading contact center platforms.”

Pranay Jain, CEO Enterprise Bot

Deepgram stands at the forefront of this AI revolution, offering the fastest and most powerful voice AI platform in the market. Our technology provides access to cutting-edge models for speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and spoken language understanding, all accessible with a simple API call. From transcription and sentiment analysis to voice synthesis, we are the preferred partner for the majority of leading conversational AI platform providers, including 7 of the top 9 performers listed on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact as a Service companies. Our foundational voice AI technology has been integrated into numerous innovative CCaaS and contact center solutions, including Amazon AWS Connect, Audiocodes, Enterprise Bot, Five9, Genesys, Google Dialog Flow,, Replicant, Twilio, Vonage, and more.

“With their industry-leading transcription accuracy and low latency, Deepgram enables fast and most accurate solutions to be delivered from the unified Voice AI Connect platform that are transforming the way contact centers do business."

– Yehuda Herscovici, Vice President of Product at AudioCodes

Today's business leaders face increasing pressure to do more with less, which is why they rely on our partners for comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. Powered by Deepgram, our partners analyze and derive insights from customer interactions, provide real-time agent assistance, and develop responsive voicebots for contact centers and BPOs alike. These solutions deliver outstanding results, including reduced wait times, shorter handling times, and higher customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

"Deepgram's real-time transcription accuracy enables improved call resolution and higher self-service containment rates without the need for a live agent, resulting in substantial cost savings for our customers."

– Richard Dumas, VP AI Product Strategy at Five9 

Discover the transformative power of Deepgram's voice AI technology and our partner solutions by visiting us at booth #1219 during CCW Las Vegas, June 4-6. Don't miss our special conference event, co-hosted with Twilio, on June 4th. Join us to explore how we can help your business excel in the era of AI-driven customer service.

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"Deepgram stands out with their remarkable low latency and highly consistent performance, which are vital for real-time voice needs and high resolution rates in the contact center. Their models trained on phone audio perform well in our environment, and the ability to train and deploy custom models has helped us improve the performance of our Thinking Machines in specific environments. We value Deepgram’s dedication to innovation and are excited to partner with them."

Gadi Shamia, CEO and Cofounder at Replicant

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